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12 Potassium Rich Food Items that You Should Know
12 Potassium Rich Food Items that You Should Know

Potassium plays a significant role in balancing the fluids and minerals in the human body. It also helps the muscles to function properly. If there is a deficiency of potassium in your body, then it can cause fatigue, high blood pressure, and anxiety.

Potassium is a nutrient which is needed by the organs to functions in a healthy manner. These organs include the heart and kidneys as well. Following is a list down of some foods with potassium that will keep the level of this vital nutrient balanced in your body.

Acorn squash
This food item contains potassium in a huge amount. One can say that avocado has potassium as one of its main contents. Studies have also shown that those who have a regular intake of avocado in their diet tend to have healthier bodies and lesser chances of getting any metabolic problems.

A single cup of beans has nearly 1000 mg of potassium. Consuming beans will keep away the troubles of inflammation. Even soybean is one of the best beans which are rich in potassium content.

Sweet potatoes and potatoes
Potatoes may not have many nutrients, but, they are a good source of potassium. One-third of the potassium content of white potato is in its peels and the rest is in its body. This is the reason it is always advised to eat potatoes without peeling off the skin. On the other hand, sweet potatoes are also a food item that is rich in potassium. To be precise, 180 gm of white potato provides 18% of RTI.

Spinach has always been popular when there are talks about potassium-rich food items. People who suffer from potassium deficiency are recommended to involve spinach in their diet to balance the level of potassium in their body. Not only potassium, but spinach is also rich in the plant content called chloroplasts which are believed to have cancer-fighting qualities.

If you have a sweet tooth, then bananas are the best choice to get an ample amount of potassium in your body along with satisfying your taste buds. An average sized banana has 422 mg of potassium. This constitutes 9% of the total recommended dietary intake of potassium.

Tomato is one of those vegetables which contain many essential nutrients needed by the body. One of them is potassium. If you find it hard to consume potato directly, you can eat tomato products to give the needed amount of potassium to your body. For example, tomato paste, tomato puree, and tomato juice are some of the forms of tomato food items that you can have to get the right amount of potassium in your body. Moreover, 100 gm of tomato puree typically provides 439 mg of potassium.

Dried apricots
If you love the delicious taste of dried apricots, then you are not just satisfying your taste cravings but also doing a favor to your health. The simple reason is that avocados contain potassium. 100 gm of dried apricots is capable of providing 1162 mg of potassium to the body.

Salmon is recognized as one of the best foods with potassium. ½ fillets easily give 22% of the DV to the body, which is really high in value. In addition to this, this fish has omega-3 fatty acid which is helpful to keep the heart healthy and thus, decrease the risk of a heart-stroke.

100gm of yogurt provides 155mg of potassium. Yogurt can be eaten in sweet and salted flavors. This means that you have a choice and can consume it in the form which suits your taste needs. Also, the live bacteria resent in yogurt (for example probiotics) help in weight loss and protect the body against diarrhea.

Beets have great taste. They are deep-rooted red vegetables which have a naturally sweet flavor. 170 grams of beets provides 11% of RDI of potassium. The red pigment which is present in beet gives it antioxidant properties which, in turn, gives your body the power to fight oxidative damage and inflammation.

Not many know that this white root vegetable also serves as potassium-rich food. One cup of parsnips (156 mg) means your body gets 572 mg of potassium. It also contains an ample amount of folate which keeps the tissues and skin healthy.

This citrus fruit is loved by all not only for its tangy taste but also because it is considered one of the best foods with potassium. One cup of orange gives 11% of RDI of potassium. Not only this, it is also rich in other proteins like vitamin A and vitamin C. This is the reason that oranges are one of the most recommended fruits that should be consumed on a daily basis.


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