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6 Tips to Avoid Migraine Headaches
6 Tips to Avoid Migraine Headaches

Migraine is one of the most unpleasant neurological conditions and can even disrupt everyday activities. Anyone who has ever experienced it knows how difficult it can be to cope with the constant throbbing pain and nausea. If you are susceptible to these headaches, here are some tips to help deal with the pain and discomfort. We’ve curated a list of effective remedies that you can use to avoid the headaches:

  • Don’t skip meals
    Eating habits can have a major impact on a person who suffers from migraine headaches. Skipping meals is an unhealthy habit that can increase the risk of a headache as fasting or skipping a meal can result in low blood sugar levels. You should ensure that you follow healthy eating habits and consume food at frequent intervals to prevent the attacks.
  • Sleep well
    According to reports, people prone to migraine headaches often experience sleep problems that worsen the condition. To avoid headaches, it is imperative to get proper sleep regularly. By getting seven to eight hours of sleep every day, you may keep migraine headaches at bay. Meanwhile, improper sleep habits can spark intense headaches if you are prone to migraines. Try to stick to a sleep schedule to improve your sleeping habits as it can help with the treatment and prevention of the headaches.
  • Manage stress
    It is a tried-and-tested tip that can help with the treatment as stress is one of the primary culprits of headache disorders like a migraine. High-stress levels cause certain hormones to act abnormally, which can trigger a migraine headache, and managing stress is crucial to ward off the risk. There is an array of ways to alleviate stress and promote relaxation. Practice meditation and spend time doing things that you enjoy regularly to keep stress levels in check.
  • Exercise regularly
    Regular exercise is another effective way to fend off migraine headaches. When you work out, your brain releases endorphins, which are chemicals that can naturally block the pain. Also, by staying physically active, you can alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders that are known to exacerbate migraine headaches. Play a sport, take up aerobic exercises, or do yoga to reduce the severity of the symptoms. Some yoga poses are known to help in reducing the frequency of headaches and act as treatments.
  • Avoid dietary triggers
    There is scientific evidence to prove that certain food items like alcohol, aged cheese, chocolate, processed meat, and caffeine can trigger a migraine headache. Cutting down on their consumption can help with the treatment. Also, try to reduce the consumption of salty and fermented foods like pickles and cheese to reduce the chances of an attack.
  • Stay hydrated
    Dehydration is one of the primary factors that contribute to this condition. A loss of fluids in the body leads to a drop in the blood volume, which can provoke a migraine headache. To prevent this, ensure that you consume plenty of water every day. Staying hydrated can prevent headaches and also provide relief from any discomfort caused.


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