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Foods that are natural teeth whiteners
Foods that are natural teeth whiteners

A person may brush their teeth and use floss on a daily basis to keep their smile white and bright. But they may observe that even with such an extreme amount of care, their teeth are appearing yellow and have also lost their sparkle. This could, however, be a normal instance.

There are some people whose teeth can get stained with the consumption of soda, red wine, tea and coffee, which then darkens a person’s smile. When a person resorts to tobacco they are actually moving towards a darker set of teeth. Some people may also have side effects from certain kinds of medications this may also result in the darkening of one’s smile.

However, there are some foods that will help the person to have a whitened smile with the passage of time. Although these foods are not as effective as the professional teeth whitening products are, they are cheaper and are natural alternatives to them.

Strawberries can stain garments, but they definitely work wonders in the whitening of one’s teeth. This is because strawberries contain an enzyme known as malic acid. They need to be mashed and rubbed on to the person’s teeth. Then, this needs to be left for five minutes followed by rinsing of the teeth with water and brushing them or using the floss just as one usually does.

There are fruits and vegetables which can be used as natural stain removers. It does this by increasing the production of saliva which serves as a self-cleaning agent of the mouth. Such natural agents will result in the killing of the bacteria that may cause bad breath, as they are crunchy, they work as a scrub to clean the teeth.

Eating tart fruits like pineapples and oranges may result in an increase in the production of more saliva that will wash and clean the person’s teeth in a natural manner. However, one needs to use lemons in a careful manner as too much acidity can cause damage to the person’s teeth.

As per a study, it has been proven that toothpaste contains baking soda. This has been considered as a home remedy for a long time. These kinds of toothpaste do a better job in the removal of plaque as compared to the other kinds of toothpaste that do not contain salt. Else, once in a while, a person needs to brush their teeth with the baking soda directly.

Dairy products contain lactic acid that helps in protecting the person’s teeth from decaying. As per a study, a person who consumes yogurt four times a week has a lesser possibility of getting their teeth decayed as compared to the people who do not eat yogurt at all. As per the experts, the proteins that the yogurt contains can bind with the teeth and avoid the teeth from being attacked by the acids that are harmful and can result in cavities. The best dairy product to be consumed for the whitening of the teeth are hard cheeses as they can help in the removal of the food particles.


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