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Four reasons to prefer clear aligners over braces
Four reasons to prefer clear aligners over braces

A perfect smile is just one of many ways to express confidence. With clear aligners today, wearing braces is no longer required to achieve any necessary cosmetic correction. Aligners are removable, thin, clear thermoplastic trays designed for medical use to straighten teeth. They work by gently pressing on the teeth to arrange them in a more favorable position. Here are some benefits of clear aligners over braces for achieving the most beautiful smile.

The best reason to choose clear aligners over braces
Maintenance of oral health
Clear aligners are easily removable, which aids in the maintenance of good oral health. Brushing around metal brackets is difficult when wearing braces because food can easily get stuck in these brackets. Removable aligners make brushing and flossing more manageable and more comfortable. Keeping the tray liner clean is still critical to reducing the risk of tooth decay. Before putting on your aligner trays, brush and floss your teeth. Keep the trays clean frequently to stop bacterial growth.

No food restrictions
There are no food restrictions to consider when using aligners. Following specific guidelines when wearing braces is crucial, as some foods can damage the wiring and brackets. People with braces must avoid foods that are hard to chew or sticky to prevent food accumulation and tooth decay. Clear aligners are removable and don’t irritate or put too much pressure on teeth. Therefore, using aligners makes it simple to consume anything. To avoid stains on the aligners, it’s essential to brush your teeth right after every meal.

Comfort and convenience
Metal brackets can easily scrape the soft tissue inside the mouth. Similarly, untrimmed long wires can pierce the inside of the cheek and cause significant discomfort. Clear aligners have no sharp edges, which makes them more comfortable. Aligners, unlike braces, do not even require tightening. Doctors monitor the patient’s progress and, if necessary, provide a new set of aligners. With clear aligners, a patient only needs to see the doctor every four to six weeks.

The main advantage of aligners is that they are entirely invisible. Braces can make anyone feel uneasy and cause a different appearance on the face. It can directly undermine or damage anyone’s confidence. On the other hand, clear aligners barely draw attention to themselves, work wonders in delivering the best results, and allow one to smile widely and openly without feeling self-conscious. On the other hand, clear aligners let you maintain your beautiful smile while receiving orthodontic treatment without experiencing any discomfort.

A perfect choice – Invisalign

Invisalign aligners can be a great option for fixing simple to complex misalignments. This painless treatment is especially suitable for those who want faster results and the liberty to detach the aligners at will. Here are the top reasons to consider Invisalign aligners:

  • Uses advanced 3D mapping technology
  • Aligns and whitens teeth
  • Virtually invisible
  • Easily detachable
  • Painless and comfortable
  • Easy to pack, carry, and maintain while traveling
  • Do not come in the way of one’s style