Home Lung Cancer – Prevention and Home Remedies
Lung Cancer – Prevention and Home Remedies
Lung Cancer – Prevention and Home Remedies

Lung cancer develops when there is an increase in cancerous cells in lung tissue. Research shows that the number of deaths caused by lung cancer increase every year. Once a person is diagnosed with lung cancer, they surely need medical assistance. It is, therefore, beneficial to follow a few home remedies to prevent the occurrence of lung cancer.

Mostly, cancer is caused due to lifestyle choices, genetics, and faulty food habits. There are several reasons for the occurrence of lung cancer. Here are some of the most common ways to prevent it:

Quit smoking: It is proven that nine out of ten people who smoke are affected by lung cancer. Smoking damages the lung tissues and covers it with tar, which results in the deficiency of oxygen. It leads to various infections in the lungs, which includes lung cancer. The probability of lung cancer can be reduced if you quit smoking.

Beware of passive smoking: Unintentionally taking in cigarette smoke is called passive smoking. Breathing air filled with smoke from burnt cigarettes increases the risk of lung cancer. Though the intake of the smoked air is minimal, there are high chances of being affected by lung cancer, as the air is filled with traces of cancer-causing agents. Staying away from tobacco filled air is definitely a wise way to stay away from lung cancer.

Staying away from dangerous gases: People working in industries that involve exposure to dangerous materials such as nickel, chromium, arsenic, and asbestos need to follow proper precautionary methods to prevent their intake. These dangerous materials are known to cause lung cancer.

Intake of proper diet and physical activity: A proper, balanced diet with regular intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is an added advantage, and improves the chances of preventing cancer. Along with a proper diet, a regular exercise routine helps in increasing immunity, which in turn helps the body fight against cancerous cells or infections.

Home remedies
Though there are several ways to prevent lung cancer, there are a few unavoidable situations where a person is affected by lung cancer. For example, if someone inherits the cancer gene. In such scenarios, one can seek medical help, and follow certain home remedies for quick recovery. Some of the common home remedies are:

Regular intake of fluids: While a person undergoes medical treatment for cancer, his or her body develops certain side effects. One of the most common side effects is dehydration. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated at all times is the best treatment. Due to dehydration, the patient is affected with diarrhea or nausea. Some of the common ways of being hydrated are:

  • Rinse mouth regularly
  • Consume hard candies with less sugar content
  • Stay in well-humidified rooms

Avoid strong food: Staying away from spices and oily food is a wise decision. These foods might cause acid reflux, contributing to irritation in the lungs. It is also advisable to increase the intake of foods that contain low fiber and spices for easy digestion.


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