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Pros and cons of the keto diet
Pros and cons of the keto diet

One may have come across the concept of keto recently or rather seen in recipes, food packing and all over the Internet. It is the form of diet that is unique in nature because of the food items that it contains. They have a mix of highly fatty foods and low carb foods. This kind of diet involves the reduction in the amount of carbohydrates that one consumes and replaced with the fats. The reduction in the amount of carbs that are taken into the body puts the body in a metabolic state that is termed as ketosis. In such a state the body becomes very efficient at burning down the fats in order to derive energy. In the liver the fats are converted into ketones that supply energy to the brain.

Advantages of the keto foods

Initially this diet was used in the treatment of seizures and it has been successful in reducing seizures for several years.

When a person begins this sort of diet there are many metabolic changes that one experiences. Studies have proved that the parameters of health that are linked to carrying excessive weight get enhanced such as high blood pressure, high triglycerides and cholesterol and insulin resistance. As the body is adapting to the higher dietary fats that one consumes in this diet it results in an increase in the oxidation of fats.

When the carbs are reduced it directly has an impact on the concentration of glucose and thereby lowering them as time passes. This diet could be considered as a direct means of getting the diabetes of a person under control.

Disadvantages of keto foods

As whole food groups are eliminated in this diet, the nutrients that had to be obtained from whole grains and fruits are restricted and can cause deficiencies especially if the keto diet is not followed correctly or if there is no proper guidance provided to the person. It is important to include a large amount of food items in the meals that include a high level of fats in them. One needs to lay their focus on seafood, meats, vegetables, fruits and certain types of legumes in order to be sure that the person is getting adequate amounts of minerals, fiber, B vitamins, iron, zinc and magnesium.

During the period of transition of diet, one may feel discomforting side effects as carbs are cut down drastically. This situation is known as the keto flu. A person may experience irritability, headache, hunger, brain fog, nausea and fatigue during the days of the diet transitions.

It becomes a challenge for many people to maintain a diet that involves the consumption of meals that are so rich in fats. It is a challenge to stick to eating limited food items and a temptation to avoid items like cream-based soups, ice creams, fruits and rice dishes.

Going to the restroom becomes a tedious task as removal of fruits and whole grains will highly bring down the person’s intake of fiber which is not a healthy practice for the gut.

Following the keto diet puts a person at stake leading the system to develop conditions like osteoporosis, kidney stones and increasing the uric acid in one’s blood. Make sure you consult a doctor or a nutritionist before you consume keto foods.


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