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Tips to stay healthy when suffering from psoriatic arthritis
Tips to stay healthy when suffering from psoriatic arthritis

Small changes in your current lifestyle can be extremely beneficial for your overall physical and mental well-being. If you suffer from psoriatic arthritis, lifestyle modifications are much needed as there is no cure for this autoimmune disease.

Medications would continue as a part of the daily regime, but controlling what you eat and engaging in physical activities can help reduce the symptoms associated with it. Essentially, you try to bring small and basic changes to your current lifestyle, including your eating habits, sleeping patterns, emotional state, and overall quality of life.

Following are some of the lifestyle changes that can help improve psoriatic arthritis if followed religiously:

  • Exercising
    Keep the adrenaline pumping no matter what. However, start with slow and low impact exercises such as walking and swimming. Ensure that your regular workouts do not affect your joints in any way. You can additionally switch to yoga for an overall holistic experience. Simple and easy stretching exercises under the guidance of an expert can help too. Also, you may want to consider Tai Chi as it improves the functional strength. Continue with moderate exercises to improve your overall metabolism and strength. Consider Pilates, stationary biking, and water aerobics to improve cardiovascular strength.
  • Eating healthy
    Your intake must be nutritious, balanced, and healthy so that it improves your overall strength and immunity. Eventually, your overall body metabolism must keep improving to fight psoriatic arthritis and its associated symptoms. Vegetables are the best source of antioxidants. Add loads of Omega-3 fatty acid products to your everyday food such as fish, chia, flaxseeds, walnuts, and salmon. You can also add fiber-rich carbohydrates and proteins to your everyday intake in substantial amounts.
  • No alcohol and substance abuse
    Try to completely quit smoking or drinking. This is an absolute no as it physically takes a major toll on your body, especially when suffering from psoriatic arthritis. Look for stress factors that trigger smoking and drinking and reach out for counseling or medical support.
  • Avoid stress
    There is no room for stress and anxiety as these could flare-up the health condition and worsen the disease. Distress yourself by exercising, meditating, and sleeping well to improve your state of mind. Create a state of positivity.
  • Get plenty of sleep
    Get enough and timely sleep as it is important to improve the overall situation. Have a strict routine as this will help you get the required amount of rest.
  • Maintain a good posture
    You must work on your sitting and standing postures, especially if you have a job that requires you to sit at a desk for more than 6 hours. Your overall physical posture can help improve the skeletal system.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects
    Do not push or pull heavy items as this could affect your joints and bones. Refrain from picking and lifting anything that affects your spine. Find ways to evenly distribute the weight or ask for someone’s help.

Listen to what your body says and do take enough rest as when you have flare-ups and other symptoms.


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